Bill Ostendorf’s Creative Circle group is working with the Chicago Tribune on an interesting project this summer that allows high school kids to publish a series of web sites and newspapers and to receive guidance from Tribune editors.

Here’s how it works:

The Trib sets up a web site, using bill’s communityQ product. Kids in the Chicago area post their stories and photos to the site where other students can see them.

Sample school page
A sample page from Bill Ostendorf.

The Tribune will then use the content to pull together a weekly, 10,000-circulation paper — tentatively called The Mash — to distribute in all the high schools.

It’s citizen journalism, but on a high school level.

Students can input their content from MySpace and Facebook and can comment on other student’s work. At the end of the year, individual students can pick-and-choose content to publish in their own yearbook supplement, which can be saved electronically or published in hard or softcover.

Sample SportsQ page
A sample sportsQ page.

Creative Circle’s sportsQ software provides a system for posting and organizing high school sports statistics.

Newspapers that buy schoolQ and sportsQ can help monitor the content and share revenue with participating schools. The Tribune, in fact, will sell ads and its editos will provide mentoring for journalism students.
Bill says:

Eventually, they might create specific web sites for each school but for now there is just one site for all the high schools in Chicago.

That would be 110 high schools, by the way.

Bill contiues:

We’re doing a lot of high school projects this summer based on two of our new products. We believe the concept of being able to publish a customized yearbook will be a huge hit (and a big revenue item) for our clients deploying the schoolQ product.

The first sportsQ site is now up (although it doesn’t look like much because it is pretty empty).

First SportsQ page

The first live sportsQ page.

Bill was telling us about this new publishing software a couple of weeks ago at the Waterbury quickcourse. Thanks for sending us a preview!

Read more about Bill’s adQ and other software products on Creative Circle’s web page.

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